love is for assholes (addx1mil) wrote,
love is for assholes

its nice.

to be in a real relationship.
i dont have to be scared of him getting mad.
i dont have to watch what i say...or what i do.
i am completely myself.
and he loves it.

kellys life at the moment -
+ awesome job.
+ wonderful new boyfriend.
- my car is dying. (but hes a im sure he'll last til winter perhaps)

thats really it.

OHH and im getting a cell phone finally.
all those that i feel are important and worthy will get the number
but seriously.

matt and karyn.
the journal is awesome.
and the new atreyu is orgasmic.
number 4 rocks my world.
i have to send you what i made you...
although it will be of no use now:/
and i still need to get over to a fabric store..
cuz i need to make myself a new bag too.

so lets recap.
kelly is happy.
very very happy.
she is completely head over heels for her NEW beau, scott.

i hope all is well with everyone.

sorry for disappearing..
but its neccessary once in a while.
i just needed to reevaluate things...
get my shit in order.

everythings cool now.
i suppose thats it.
over and out.
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