love is for assholes (addx1mil) wrote,
love is for assholes

i wish...

things would just run smoothly for once.

i wish i didnt have a knot in my stomach every single day...
the source of said knot being unknown...
i wake with fear...
wondering what the day might unload on me.

i hate not understanding things.

i dont understand why someome soo close to you is always the one waiting with a sucker punch.
as if its planned.

your feelings are tossed aside...
for one nite of fun.

and the apologies are taxing.
ive grown tired of excepting them.

karmas a bitch i suppose.
id just like to know what i did wrong.
how bad of a person have i been?
why must i get so much negative shit back?

why am i always so disposable?

old blankie...

everytime you open yourself up...
you risk being burned.

and now im covered in 3rd degree burns.
ive run out of aloe.

im tired of working so hard at life.
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